Sunday, 27 September 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Thought for the week

I've moved my weekly blog posting time to Sunday evenings to capture the events of Sunday as well as the rest of the week. Today, Sunday events included: Shopping (for the week), cooking (roast tomato and chilli soup, beetroot soup and cherry chocolate cake), decorating (more unit assembly and finally getting all the floorboards screwed back down), gardening (weeds in the front, and feeding the pumpkins and water melon), cutting the grass (strimming, mowing, raking), oh, and blogging Helen is still in the kitchen, making dinner now! This evening I'll be talking to Grandad on the phone while washing up and making lunch for work tomorrow. He's gotten used to me clanging pots and putting out the rubbish while we talk via my cordless headset with the call routed through skype!

I blogged last week about our move to renewable energy. If you want to switch then I can recommend you as a friend. You'll receive £25 extra off your first bill, and we'll receive £25 which we'll donate to charity. Let me know if you want more details!

I'll be summarising my reading about climate change on my new blog Carbon Neutral me (with an explanation of the title in a few days time).

The week's best

1. Calling Gordon Brown on Monday!
2. Growing (and eating!) my first water melon. It was so tasty, and I think one of my proudest moments!
3. Finishing wiring up the electrics in the bedroom. This is my third weekend on the job (along with the painting and assembling units we've been doing). We now have 2x two gang sockets, and the light switch and cables are now all correctly recessed into the wall. Previously they ran up the outside of the wall in plastic trunking. Very ugly.

The week's worst

1. Imagine you have a thick block wall that you want to remove. What would be your tool of choice? Our neighbour has opted to use a drill, and for the past four days (including 9am on Sunday morning) has been out there removing the wall by repeatedly drilling into it at the top. I could understand if he weakened the walls at the bottom, but to remove fragments of dust from the top ... could someone else supply the word I'm looking for? He's no where near finished yet.
2. Assembling the double wardrobe in the bedroom. It was too tall to assemble on the ground and then tip up, so the heavy top and side had to been fixed in situ whilst standing on the step ladder.
3. My sciatic troubles started up again on Friday. I was hoping it was over with now

Week's favorite blog(s)

Another heavy week of blog reading. I've clocked up over 538 post reads since last Sunday. I'm not sure having google reader is a good thing! Fortunately the work related blogs seem to tail off a bit at the weekends. Most of the blogs I read are GIS and environmentally related, but also there are a few cooking blogs and all the family ones.

Next Week

Next week we'll be in October and I'll be changing to a new blog theme! Goodbye Kungfu Panda! (make sure you watch it if you haven't already it! we have it on DVD if you'd like to borrow it).

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  1. Keep nagging me about the energy change and I'll eventually get around to it...