Sunday, 18 October 2009

HappY BirThday WilliaM !

Thought for the week

After a blissful summer that has been devoid of supervision at work I was subjected to a 3+ hour Ph.D. supervision meeting this week where we went over an over an issue without finding a resolution. I'm hoping that's now me done for the rest of the year - next week is a reprieve as my supervisor is away again, and beyond that he seems to be pretty busy with teaching commitments.
Helen and I have made an early start thinking about and buying Christmas presents. We've found that we enjoy the whole of Christmas more if we're organised, and these days most of the present shopping is completed by the beginning of November usually with one or two items left that will arrive before the beginning of December

This coming week

Today is the first day of my 'No Impact Experiment', a public version of the one year project undertaken by Colin Beavan and his family in the heart of New York City. The aim of the project was to see if it was possible for people who live in urban areas to not make a negative impact on the environment. Colin's book "No Impact Man" makes for interesting reading whilst also causing you to question why you do many things in the way that you do. I enjoy the idea of shaking things up a bit, and during the No Impact Week you can follow our progress and also find our more about what is going on over at the experiment group page:

The week's best(s)

I've been taking 'campus walks' at lunch times more frequently; some of the trees and plants on Exeter campus are exceptionally beautiful at this time of year. My mediocre photographs don't really capture the wonder of the the Virginia creeper on the side of the Queens building. I'll add more photos from my 'campus walks' next week.

Today is William's birthday, see more at Helen's blog.

The week's worst(s)

Sadly, our European otter friend, Hamish, died last week at Dartmoor Otters in Buckfastleigh. The centre will be finding a new companion for Imogen who survives him, and hopefully may have more success in the future with breeding. I'll let you know when we meet the new otter!

Week's favorite blog(s)

Trying to soak up GB's advice from his blog this week. Playing the Glad game, and seizing the moment by trying new things.


Finished 'The Poet of Lochness', now I've now started Bernard Cornwell latest Alfred novel.

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  1. RIP Hamish.

    I'm amazed you appear to be the only UK person trying the No Imoact Experiment. It makes my guilt feelings somewhat less! What a poor nation we are.