Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's all change

The builder had another busy day yesterday as we told him we wanted him out by Friday!

The old back door and door frame were removed leaving a gaping hole into the garden that had to be filled by sundown.

The floor and back step were damp proofed, and a cavity was created, then the bricking up began. Finally the window was put it. The windows still have their protective tape on, they will be oak brown when the tape is removed.

We were very proud of William last night. He had a disturbing experience when he first went to use his cat flap, but already he is happily using the new tunnel. Ah, they grow up so fast.


  1. I quite expected William to be butting against the bricks for a few days! He's smarter than I thought.

  2. William obviously puts absolute trust in his master and mistress - sorry, he's a cat - slaves.