Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Living the dream

It's turning out to be a fantastic holiday. Our builder Ashley seems quite happy to oversee the various jobs that I am undertaking at the moment. He advises on better ways to do things, and he's always offering me the use of his tools to get on with things around the house.

One of the jobs I've been hoping to do for a while now is the replacement of the current lead water pipe supplying the property with a new plastic pipe. It's quite a big job which involves digging a two foot deep trench from the road to the house. The trench has to go underneath the existing concrete path by the house, through the house wall, and remain two feet under for some distance into the living room before entering the new kitchen under the floor.

Since we'll soon be laying a new wooden new floor, this is our last chance to do any major works under the floor boards. So this evening I've lifting the first half of the dining room floor boards and tomorrow the new water pipe will start it's long journey to the street! We're taking up all of the floor so that I can put down underfloor insulation as well... All this talk about climate change- it's time we start to really get serious at home.



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  1. Oh my gosh. I'm am a bit behind. Some task. I wait with bated breath.