Saturday, 5 December 2009

Yesterday we finished taking up the floor in the dining room and I managed to find a route diagonally through to the lounge for the new water pipe. It wasn't possible to coil it under the lounge floor, so for the time being it's hung on the wall! It's funny to think that all of our water will come through that pipe. Stage 1 on the journey to the street is complete- it can only get harder from here on..!

Today, Helen and I started on the underfloor insulation, and we are half way through laying the insulation boards and sealing the edges with a low yield foam, more pictures tomorrow. We're very glad that the floor will be going back down tomorrow. Hopefully with the floor back down there won't be as much dust in the house.

Dust masks, before and after!

William is hoping that things will get back to normal soon. He hasn't liked being without a floor in the dining room. But before the floor was taken up he wasn't too bothered.

Business as usual

This morning we took part in the first stage of the decadal Exeter otter survey for Devon Mammal Group. In February we will be surveying the watercourses in Pinhoe for signs of otters.


  1. You've given me a new word, Ian. I've never come across 'decadal' before.

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