Saturday, 22 January 2011

Busy week and an environmently-minded weekend

More teaching at the University this last week - but I finished on Friday and I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal. At the moment my next teaching commitment is not until the end of March.

On Saturday I helped run a meeting called an 'open space' for a local environmental initiative that I'm involved with called Transition Exeter. The meetings look a lot like 'AA' to begin with, but all the furniture soon gets moved around.

Open space meetings have no preconceived agenda and are surprisingly effective at finding projects that the attendees are really motivated to get involved with.

At the moment I manage the website (which is in desperate need of updates), respond to all the emails and edit the monthly newsletter. But long term my interest is in developing web tools that will help all transition initiatives (internationally) through a projected call Transition Drupal.

Today we've been out and about town and stocked up with a large collection of library books (mostly for cooking!). I also did some jobs around the house including my weekly wash...

These days I'm using ecoballs - they seem to do a great job at 30 degrees, and the wash only takes half an hour with no need for a rinse cycle. The ecoball can be used for 150 washes before needing a refill.

The normal wash cycle on our machine takes 1 hours 30 minutes - imagine hand washing your clothes vigorously for that long - after using the ecoball and not being able to tell any difference, I'm wondering if it is really necessary.


  1. Washing machines here in NZ tend to run a 40 min cycle max on hot. Most people here wash on cold but I have the hot water from the solar panels to use up or it 'blows'. I shall see if I can find the eco-balls here.

    Good luck with the Transition projects.

    By the way I'm fascinated by the collection of library books that you are going to cook!

  2. opps! hahaa. Bit chewy mind.

  3. We have some eco-balls. Must see if I can find them - probably in the dreaded loft....