Sunday, 9 January 2011

Winter seems to be over in the south. We took down the Christmas decorations on the 6th of January

We knew we'd missed William's plate (but it is the only one he has to eat from at the moment!)

All the decorations were snuggly back in the loft when Helen discovered a rogue bauble hidden in the corner under the sockets.

Yesterday we realised we'd also missed the backdoor mat.

Just in time for Easter - Sainsbury's have also cleared out after Christmas and are now pushing hot cross buns on the way in.

The main selling point seems to be that they are 'New'. Perhaps the rancid ones are towards the back of the store?

I've just realised I'm not the only one pondering fresh bread this week...


  1. I hate the way shops are always pushing the food for the next big holiday. It used to be that things like Hot Cross Buns and Cadbury Cream Eggs were special because you could only buy them in the few weeks before Easter. Now you can get them all year round they are just another food to buy or not.

    I have to admit that Starbucks seems to understand this, they have a great range of Christmas muffins that are only available during December making them special.

  2. When I'm President I shall set a period outwith, like fireworks, things cannot be sold for any festival. I'm a bah humbug man myself but I suppose it's a free country. Hmmm.