Sunday, 10 April 2011

Improving health

Over the past three months I've been monitoring my calorie intake.

I used to eat a lot of snacks, cakes and biscuits. But recently I've found that you have to 'cut out the junk to make space for the good stuff'.

My main aim has been to maintain a caloric density of around 1.0, and limit my total calorie consumption to around 2000 calories a day (after exercise).

Over the past three months I've lost around 1 stone in weight and I am feeling a lot healthier. The top line shows my weight decrease between 1st January 2011 and 2nd April 2011.

My body mass index has decreased along with body fat (measured by bathroom scales with electrodes).

When we moved to Frog End in August 2007, I was at point 'a' on the BMI chart below. In January 2011 I was right in the centre of the 'OK' band at point 'b'. Now I have moved to point 'c'.

The reduction of body fat has been very fast, now I am aiming to increase my weight again by adding more muscle mass to replace the lost fat. To achieve this I'm monitoring protein in take and exercise.


  1. That is so impressive, Ian. I wish that I had your willpower. I must, I must, I must......

  2. Hi Ian
    Despite what your Uncle GB says ( and I know him "virtually" from his times in NZ), you have probably gone over the top..
    I have been entertaining myself following your extended family around so many blogs - an interesting exercise... but as I only saw you for the first time in your gorgeous wedding photos, I was surprised to see you as a heaver version in earlier blog posts from other sites....
    but I think the chart above says it all - c is in the underweight zone....
    I envy your willpower... want to get back there again myself... but glad to hear you are going to add some weight back.
    A lean mean fighting machine should appear :)