Sunday, 2 August 2009

A blog a week?

Blogs. Certainly they are a great way of keeping in touch and finding out what is going on in people's lives, but it can be very time consuming posting entries and keeping up to date with other people's blogs. I've started this blog with the simple idea of making a single entry once a week on Sunday mornings: A snapshot of my week. I'll also check in on other people's blogs once a week (see the handy blogroll on the right).

Thought for the week

Being consistent -- I'm making changes to be more consistent in my behaviour. Currently I am very inconsistent in almost every aspect of my life, so in order to improve this I will have specific aims and challenges that I will decide upon in advance and I'll be reporting my progress through this blog.

The Best Bit

Has to be last Saturday's visit to The New Forest Otters and Owls Centre. It was a very spontaneous trip, we woke up on Saturday morning to the nicest weather of the week and decided to make a big trip out (the New Forest is 100 miles from Exeter). Strictly that was last week, so I think Yesterday's trip up to Bristol where we decided on a style of fitted cupboards for the bedroom was definitley a highlight of the week. Also I saw a fairy ring for the first time yesterday :D

The Worst Bit

Being ran off the road on a duel carridgeway by a break down lorry that was going too fast and changed lanes without looking or signalling. Ooo, and cutting my finger on the new food processor blade, auch.

Week's favorite blog(s)

(1) Dewi, Gary and Grandad at Cumbria's Steam Gathering
(2) The Mulberry tree at the New Forest, it really was amazing

Health and well-being

I realised early this week that the amount of exercise I am currently doing (in a good week) is equivalent to an olympic triathlon. I complete 1.5 km of swimming by doing 20 lengths three times a week, 40km of cycling just getting myself to work and back over 5 days, and now I'm adding the 10 km of running on our jogging machine at home. I'm also recording my food intake to ensure I'm getting enough calories and we're eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.


I read my first Sharpe novel last week, Sharpe's Riffles. It was a rivoting read, and interesting for the fact that I have seen the TV series (I wonder if any of Bernard Cornwell's other books will ever be filmed). I've now started Sharpe's Tiger which is set chronologically before the first novel as we don't currently have the next book in the series. Hopefully I can pick that up next week from the library.

Next weeks aims

Definitely going to keep up the exercise, I'm going to aim for an O2 (double Olympic distance). Also I'll be reporting my calorie intake over the entire weak.


  1. I don't often swear on the Internet but B****y H**l - an Olympic Triathlon every week and aiming for two. Are you mad or just incredibly eccentric???

    Sorry to hear you were run off the road - no lasting damage I hope.

    And how about a Silliest thing of the week - perhaps the food processor would qualify. (You would not be allowed to put P**e down as the silliest thing every week!)

    P.S. I think The Editorial can probably come off the sidebar - if it's not dead it's certainly on a life-support machine.