Sunday, 2 August 2009


Thought for the week

Security at the University is low, very low. One particular concern for me is bicycle security. The university security office claim that cycle thefts are quite low. Actually what they mean is - reported thefts are relatively low. They are aware (because we have made them aware) that there is a large number of unreported thefts as well, but it really doesn't seem to concern them and certainly they take no action to try and kerb the number of thefts.

Here's a typical cycle that has been left over night on campus:

Only the frame and back tyre remain - since those are D-locked to the stand - EVEN the spokes have been removed from the wheel! It looks like the thieves had clippers and thought they could get the tyre since it wasn't directly locked, but since the D-lock passes through the centre it was still impossible to remove. They did get the gears and the chain.

Surely to strip down a bicycle like this would take quite some time and make some noise? The handle bars aren't quick release for example. Vultures!

The Best Bits

1. At 7.38pm last Sunday William typed his first 'word': "km" whilst stepping on Helen's keyboard. We were very impressed, but on reflection I recalled the old adage: "If you give enough monkeys enough typewriters, and enough time, they will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare"

2. I received an invitation in the post to visit the gardens at Highgrove in September. Apparently there is no general access to the gardens.

3. Our blueberry bush is fruiting

4. I've been on a diet for the past 3 weeks (my first ever diet), I think I was eating way too much dairy and not exercising very much. Yesterday I had my first indulgence, a slice of an 80p coconut cake from the supermarket. It was heaven.

The Worst Bits

1. My bike got another flat tyre early in the week. It can be a real pain to sort out especially when it's the back wheel
2. The B&Q debacle - which involved not having my credit card in my wallet when we reached the checkout, then setting off home on my own to get the credit card without the house key...
3. A couple of 'night stallions', where I thought something was trying to come in through the window, nasty.

Weeks favorite blog

Health and well-being

The diet is still going strong, it seems I average around 2250 calories per day. This week I increase my exercise and over the week completed 1.5x an Olympic triathlon, it is a lot of fun!

Next weeks aims

Helen's mum will visit us next weekend, so I'll be making an effort to finish off the bathroom (which has been in progress for a couple of years now). Also I'll be pushing for the full 37.5 hours at work and trying to make real progress with my papers.


  1. That was no night stallion! There was DEFINITELY something at the window. Probably a bird or bat - I heard it and saw the curtain move. My turning the light on must have frightened it away.

  2. A good way of keeping us up to speed. Interesting too. Yeah. Good.

  3. Well if it was a sratching sound at the window then it could have been a vampire -- sorry, just recently watched the 1979 TV mini series of Salem's Lot.

    Sweet Dreams!

  4. I prefer the suggestion that if was a nice friendly bird, bat or squirrel :D

    No ghost or vampires in this neighbourhood (I hope!)

  5. Definitely not a vampire. They became extinct in the Exeter area around 1930 and although they still live in N Devon they are noted for staying within a very small radius of home.