Sunday, 16 August 2009

Too much biscuit

William's a bit worried about his weight due to a) stuffing too much buscuit, and b) sleeping most of the day despite the nice weather. He is getting some exercise however, engaging in the sport of 'extreme shredding', his original scratch post was a gift from Gary and Dewi, but now we've had to buy him a new one...

The Best Bit

1. Butterflies dancing around the garden, especially around all the buddleias.
2. Having a very tidy house, ready for Helen's mum's visit.

The Worst Bit

Remember that scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Harry and Ron "follow the spiders"?! Well, that is what our car was like on Friday night after we loaded in a whole buddleia and half a hydrangea to take to the recycling centre. The following morning I found a spider driving the car, suspended over the driver's seat with the web attached to the steering wheel.

Week's favorite blog(s)

(1) I think it is the cute little drawing of GB holding his mallet that made this post from last Sunday one of the best
(2) Compiling!
(3) Two very thin snacks from Helen.

Favorite website(s)

I thought some of these T-Shirts at Snorg were really funny.

Next weeks aims

Holiday week! Keep an eye on Helen's blog for details.


  1. Good post, and glad you liked the compiling comic.

    Just thought I'd point out that something has gone a bit screwy with the postings though as this one is dated 17th April 2009! Not sure why it's happened but it means that the post isn't appearing in anyone elses sidebar.

    Also the preview form for comments is badly sized so you can't read all the CAPTCHA or find the box to type in without playing around with altering styles in Firefox

  2. If I were a cat and weighed 200g I'd be worried too!