Sunday, 23 August 2009

Holiday week!

Blog update: themes

I'll be creating monthly themes to brighten up the blog. From now until the end of September I'm celebrating Kung Fu Panda with weekly quotes from the film! Enjoy ;)

Thought for the week

In the last six months I've cycled over 560 miles on my new bike, mostly travelling to work and back. That's equivalent to cycling from Exeter to Aberdeen!

The Best Bit(s)

* Slimbridge (now with otters!)
* We finally visited the rock pools at Sidmouth!

The Worst Bit(s)

Last weekend I was supposed to be going scuba diving with friends from work. The day was a bit of a fiasco and we couldn't dive because the centre supplying the air was closed. I foolishly spent about an hour in the sea (16-18°C) without my wet suit despite it being incredibly cold when I first got in. The next day I had some worrying consequences, mostly with weak legs, but after a lot of rest this week the side effects seem to have passed.

The phone line went dead last weekend. Of course my first thought was that the line had been cut and that we were under attack. Then I remembered that I was not in an action movie, and convinced myself of our safety by the fact that the power and lights were still on. It took the engineer until Friday to come out and fix it.

Week's favorite blog(s)

(1) GB's post on his community and the local bank
(2) Enjoyed the signs on CJ's rambles.
(3) Excellant photos from our visit to Slimbridge

Health and well-being

I started this blog four weeks ago with the aim of being more consistant, but after the health scare of last weekend I've taken a break from physical activity, and done no exercise at all. I'll be resuming moderate exercise next week.


  1. Sorry to hear about the scare but really glad that all appears to be well now.

    Right that's the telephone line dealt with. Now to your health! I even wear a wet suit when I go into the sea in NZ where the temperature is slightly warmer. Being a wuss definitely makes me careful.

    This blog is definitely a Good Idea.

    I love the Panda quote.

    The first Random Quote I got was:
    In passing, also, I would like to say that the first time Adam had a chance, he laid the blame on a woman.
    Nancy Astor
    My comment is: Just because you blame someone doesn't mean that it isn't that person's fault!

    The Bicton link appears to be broken.

  2. The Word Verification for my comment was CORAPP. Do you think it was trying to tell me something!

  3. I worry that the WV's are trying to tell me something sometimes, especially if two words are inappropriately put together!

    Fixed the link

  4. It's taken six months to get to Aberdeen. How long before you fall into the sea?? Hope you are back to exercising again soon and glad you enjoyed Slimbridge, etc.

  5. probably only a day if I'd cycled in the other direction!