Sunday, 30 August 2009

Are you a frog?

Thought for the week

Concerned about Climate Change, but not sure what you can do?
This week we passed an important milestone: 100 days until the Climate talks in Copenhagen. Many feel that this is our last chance to set legally binding targets to address climate change. Others still question whether climate change is really happening. I'll be talking more about what we can all do over the next few weeks, and Helen and I will be taking some big steps to do our part.

The problem with climate change is that it is difficult to see that anything is changing, especially amidst natural variation, until the consequences are very serious... so life goes on, business as usual. The problem reminds me a lot the anecdote of a frog being slowly boiled in a pan, not realising anything is wrong.

One of the biggest problems is knowing how to take action. Fortunately there are solutions. For exampleI will be donating £20 a month for the next five months for someone to demonstrate on my behalf for a day each month up until the climate talks. Take a look:, a organisation that I have come to believe in over the past few years.

The Best Bit(s)

1. I wrote my first review for a book on Amazon. I was mainly driven by the fact that I feel very lost if there are no reviews for the books that I am interested in, and this is a book that I know very well. Hopefully my clumsy words will guide some people in their purchase.

2. M5 reopens after bridge incident. Although we missed going to Cumbria this weekend to see Gary, Dewi and Grandad (see below) it looks like we wouldn't have made it anyway due to traffic getting stuck on the M5 for seven hours. Unfortunately the incident ended with the man jumping from the bridge.

The Worst Bit(s)

This week I've continued to suffer from tingling, buzzing and weakness in the legs which can get quite intense at times. The doctor I saw on Friday believes that I've stretched my sciatic nerve and that in a few weeks it should repair.


  1. I'm not so sure about Avaaz. I'd need to chat about that one.

    The Amazon review left me wishing that I was at least 2" taller!

    The legs problem is concerning. I'm glad that you have the blog now just so that we know how you are. I hope it improves - quickly!

  2. Sorry about your sciatic nerve. Hope it mends quickly.

    I have foubd that if you put the author and title and 'review' in Google you usually find a few reviews on blogs like mine. Of course, any review is pretty subjective any way. You only have to ask folk about Sebastian Faulks 'Birdsong' to find every range of view.

  3. Thank you both, and also to Gary and Dewi for a Get Well Soon card in the post. The last two days have been a bit better, I'm feeling more optimistic that the doctor is right and it will just pass after a few weeks.

    @GB It is difficult to know whether to trust charities and non-profits. It would be much simpler if they published their accounts.
    @SS a very good point, I have found some reviews now for the same book on other sites - looks like I rely on Amazon too much!

  4. Interestingly your comments are dated 31 August but have only just come through on my email as being made today 3 September. I'll never understand...

    Glad to hear that it looks as though the Doc is correct. I was wondering.

  5. I've just seen a random quote which said that the biggest threat to whales is whaling. I had always assumed that that was such a statement of the obvious that it would hardly be quotable. Am I missing something?

  6. hmmm, maybe they are running out of good quotes...