Sunday, 6 September 2009

Coming to fruition

Another successful year for window sill melon growing. I love it when a crop comes to fruition! The sweet heart melon (left) was just as tasty as last year's, and I would highly recommend it to fellow melon growers. This year I'm also growing a water melon (right). Unfortunately this summer has been a bit disappointing (too unreliable for growing things!). I wonder how big it will get by the annual harvest, perhaps I can enter it at a local show

Thought for the week

Continuing to push green issues this week, and still on the topic of Avaaz and their efforts alongside the TckTckTck campaign to ensure real results in Copenhagen in 92 days time

Avaaz will be staging a massive network of global events on 21st September to give a clear message to politicians. I'll blog about the outcome of their work as things begin to happen. Usually all the support that is required is the occasional signing of online partitions. But if, like me, you'd like to donate to support this climate 'Wake up call', then just follow the link below.

Here is an example of the events that they make happen.

The Best Bit(s)

1. Our company completed it's first contract: to provide dynamic maps of the marine area around Belize (see the Maps tab, top right). Now we just have to send an invoice!

2. Helen found our first slow worm of the year. It was a relief for me, I was beginning to worry since we had seen no signs of them yet this summer, but we think that they just have a lot more cover this year as the garden has come on a long way.

3. We received some nice post from family this week: a get well soon card from Gary and Dewi and a postcard from Bryony and Mark on holiday in Scotland.

The Worst Bit(s)

I felt disappointed and duped this week after reading a book from the Library: "The Tibetan Art of Living", which is an inspiring text with excellent reviews. However, a google search on the author reveals many concerns not only with the content of the book, but also the actions of its author. I think I will probably finish the book, which I am now calling The Tibetan Art of Lying. But I am confused that such an inspiring, well-meaning book could be written by someone with such questionable moral conduct and I'm also disappointed that the editors at Atria Books didn't to a proper job of checking out the claims of the author.

Week's favorite blog(s)

1. This week's 'Friday My Town Shoot-out' was excellent.
2. I also liked the idea of Happy Mondays, hopefully they'll be another installment tomorrow!
3. Dewi and Gary are working hard in the garden
4. This is an old blog on computer science, but I enjoyed reading it: The Law of Leaky Abstractions

Health and well-being

I've been resting up for the last couple of weeks and the problems with my sciatic nerve have become more infrequent. I went for a short walk on Friday evening without any problems, but the tingling returned again on Saturday.


After the disappointment of The Tibetan Art of Lying... (See 'The worst bit(s)' above)
I started reading a book I already have on Buddhism, and found it very interesting. A well researched book and by a reputable author.

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