Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday the thirteenth

Thought for the week

Blog day again! already! I don't know how all you daily bloggers manage it! Although, I am now managing to keep up with reading all your blogs with the help of google reader (which shows me which blog entries I haven't read yet)

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved in pressuring our leaders to act on Climate Change before the climate talks in Copenhagen this year, then have a look at the events being organised on 21st September, find an event near you and let me know how it goes - or get together and organise your own event and register it on the map!

The Best Bit(s)

1. Last month I blogged about William's first word. Yesterday was his first time watching TV... he sat on the remote and changed the channel from ITV (X Factor) to BBC2! They grow up so fast.

2. When we moved to frog-end, and got a plumber in to fit the bathroom I was really upset that he cut a big hole in our garden table which he used as a bench when cutting with a circular saw. However, yesterday I picked up a new version of the same table from B&Q for £25 (it was £144 originally)

The Worst Bit(s)

Well, the house has been a bomb site as we decorate the bedroom and get ready for the builders. It's also been an insanely busy week with the successful completion of our first contract. All in all it's been a pretty good week

Week's favorite blog(s)

1. Happy Mondays continued with another excellent entry
2. This entry about living for a year without making an negative impact on the environment was interesting and inspiring

Favorite website(s)

1. The wealth of content of is amazing, I really suggest you check it out (although you'll need an account to view it). People publish content there that is free to read and download, and there are some real gems.

Health and well-being

I've finally started exercising again by cycling to and from work every day. 21 miles this week!


  1. Hope the sciatic nerves withstand the cycling and are not giving you so much trouble.

    Congrats to you and Helen on completing your first contract. Don't forget to send an invlice!

  2. Congratulations from me as well.

    Oh dear Ian. Your blog leads me off into periods of discovery. I'm enjoying it very much.