Sunday, 20 September 2009

Thought for the week
Helen and I made the switch to Good Energy this week. 100% of our electricity is now being supplied from renewable sources: making no negative impact on the environment.

The Best Bit(s)
1. Helen and I are nearing completion on our second company project. This time there is no pay cheque, but we are hopeful it will lead to our next contract.
2. We finished painting the bedroom ceiling, and I finished the necessary brickwork. Next we're plastering, papering, painting and putting assembling the fitted cupboards. Helen succeeded in assembling the first of the five new cupboards.

The Worst Bit(s)
1. A medium size tree from the council playing fields behind our house has fallen on our back fence! Fortunately, the back fence is a good construction...!
2. It's been a very busy week, and the house is still cluttered from us being a room down during decorating.

Week's favorite blog(s)
According to google reader (which I started using at the end of last week to keep up with blogs), I've read 334 blog entries this week alone! (most of those are related to computing and geographic information systems GIS). I feel like I've forgotten about most of the blogs I read earlier in the week. I did agree with GB's Never Hate Anything.

Favorite website(s)
What was New York like before it was a city?

Reading has been slow recently, with everything that is going on, but I'm aiming to read a chapter a day of my current library book: The Poet of Loch Ness


  1. Went to the Good Energy site but couldn't find any indication of prices or price comparisons. Do you know how they compare and did I just miss an obvious page?

  2. The unit rate was similar to the rate we had from our existing supplier. I believe it was only given on the contract page when we were signing up.

    Instead of guessing I've emailed Good Energy to ask, and also enquired why it's not publicised on their website. I'll update here as soon as I get an answer.

  3. As always, thanks for the update on life at Frog End.

    I'm just a bit puzzled about how Good Energy know that my little bit of electricity is from a renewable resource. I shall investigate their website where doubtless all will be explained.

  4. A good analogy is the bank: you put your money in, and a few months later you take your money out...

    Do you get back the exact same coins that you put in? Almost certainly not. Plus, the actual coins you receive could have been deposited from some immoral activity! Yet your individual account and your withdrawal is as reputable as you are.

    By paying for energy that is generated from a renewable source, we're ensuring that the account we're using is filled with green units. At the house end we're simply just receiving electricity!

  5. Thanks for that explanation. I did, of ourse, understand that I asn't getting renewable energy per se although being in Scotland it may well be hydro generated. But I couldn't really see how it worked in practice. I assume that they generate or invest in renewable energy. I will pop over to their site a little later.