Saturday, 12 December 2009

Black Jack

When the kitchen and pantry walls were removed, the old damp proof course was damaged. We've had a bit of a miscommunication with our builder about who is responsible for 'making good' after the works, and also everything is taking so long, so I decided I'd better get on with repairing the floor this weekend so that we can install the new kitchen units as soon as possible.

I've painted in a damp proof membrane (black jack) and when it dries I'll add mortar on top to make the floor level again. The new 'oiled walnut' floor planks arrived this morning but we'll have to get the builder out before we can start on the floor. Unfortunately we haven't been able to start assembling the kitchen units (which arrived on Thurs) because of the holes in the floor! We're really hoping the builder will finish next week. He seems to be in no hurry because he has no other jobs booked before Christmas.

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