Sunday, 14 February 2010

Prison break

Last weekend the water pipe went under the lounge floor...

Today I finished digging the 'prison break' - a section of tunnel from the front garden to the house wall (it wasn't easy ;P)

Next I have to make sure the whole trench is deeper than 2 ft (with a sand base) and then both ends of the pipe will need connecting!


  1. Move over moles. You're a born digger!

  2. Of all the things you've done that looks like the hardest work (physically) and the scariest - I'd be terrified of water spurting everywhere when I'd finished. Good luck when you switch on!

  3. Phew. I'm exhausted just looking at the photo.

    Being a born 'digger' could be useful given your impending visit to Oz.

  4. No thanks GB! I've lost all taste for tunnels!

    @SS... I'm not worried about the plumbing as there is a way that I can pressure test everything before it gets connected!