Sunday, 7 March 2010

Don't play with your food!

I was somewhat apprehensive about my 30th birthday...

(card from Gary and Dewi)

I had a notion in my mind that a person's habits, lifestyle etc, must be pretty much fixed by this stage in the game, and if there are any problems/inadequacies/vices that I am capable of fixing then I would have fixed them in 30 years, right?

There is also pressure to have fun on the day, and not let enjoyable events pass you by. We had no real plans in place, but after a spontaneous birthday I feel very upbeat and happy.

See Helen's blog for details of the day, including the use of my new entrance pass (which accompanied my otter adoption) from Bryony and Mark...!

Over the last year, Helen and I have made huge steps forward on our health. This time last year (2009) I said no to getting the caterpillar birthday cake that has become a tradition since 2006- I was quite confused at the time about my eating habits.




Over the last year I've lost my sweet tooth, and I am easily getting my 5-a-day. This year's 'pillar' was made with stuffed peppers, and it was absolutely amazing.


Thank you all for the thoughtful cards and well wishes!


  1. I'm glad that you had a good day for your birthday. When I sent the card it didn't register with me that it is your 30th although I have to confess that I did actually know that in retrospect.

    I hope that you have a Happy Year to Remember.

  2. Thanks GB. I really like the card BTW!

  3. It's great that you had a great birthday day! The caterpillar is very cute, I hope it wasn't too spicy!! :D D,G&L xxx