Sunday, 13 February 2011

Healthy chips

Today I thought I'd share my sweet potato chips recipe. It's a very simple process.

1. Peel a sweet potato and cut into chips

2. Cook for the same amount of time as you would oven chips

3. Enjoy with your meal!

As with all changes to diet it takes a while to get used to new foods (I used to dislike sweet potatoes, tofu, ... even sprouts!) but now, after a few months, I actually prefer the sweet potato.

Nutritionally potatoes are quite devoid, but sweet potatoes are a star food belonging to the orange group. They are high in alpha- and beta-carotenes.

Sweet potato vs regular oven chips (per 100g)

Calories (kcal): 87 / 180
Fat (g): 0.3 / 6.7
Salt (g): 0 / 0.1

P.S. I now cook the sweet potato on a wire rack - this way they cook nicely without needing to be turned half way through.

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  1. we call the sweet potato a kumera and they are very common here. Kumera chips are available in the fish and chip shops but they don't make such good chips when made in the conventional way because they tend to go soggy.