Sunday, 22 January 2012

The end, and the beginning...

In the first week of January we picked up this 1.6 kg bag of sprouts at a very reduced price from Tesco.

This weekend marks the end of the sprouts! but we still have Christmas foods in the house, including a tin of biscuits and a Christmas pudding from Grandad, boxes of tea from Gary and Dewi and a year's supply of jams from Bryony and Mark (oh, and approximately a million hazelnuts that we collected last autumn for Christmas - despite daily shelling the nut bowl does not seem to have reduced at all!)

Our company is still ticking over quite happily and just about pays the bills each month, but like the sprouts, January also marks the official end of our meagre savings - so I've been applying for full time jobs again (don't worry if you gave us money toward our honeymoon - that is still safely ring fenced!)

Despite receiving very positive noises from my first choice of employer, things are moving along very slowly indeed.  So I've decided to take an interim research post back at the University for the next couple of months.  Tomorrow morning I'll be back in the rat race.


  1. I'm not quite sure how I've been missing your posts.

    Good luck with the new job.