Sunday, 29 January 2012


A couple of weeks ago, we bough a reconditioned Kindle from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Basically, if someone buys something and sends it straight back, then the warehouse checks it over, and certifies it for release.  I find this particularly pleasing, not only because it cost £70 less than the brand new alternative, but also because it fulfils the key environmental principals of reduce, reuse, recycle.

As I'm still working my way though my Christmas books at the moment, I've only read one book on the kindle so far, but I've been very impressed with the usability, readability of the e-ink display, and also the fact that I have a number of books open and it knows where I am in each book.

The other key advantages are that books are searchable, and that you can highlights sections that interest you. I now find myself wanting to highlight sections in the paper backs I'm reading!


  1. I do highlight sections in my paperbacks - in pencil - and then note the page numbers on the back fly-leaf. The advantage of the Kindle is that one can download the highlighted bits into one's computer without all the typing out (or scanning) necessary from a paperback.
    I love my books but I also love my Kindle!

  2. Like CJ I love both books and the Kindle. It can have lots of advantages when traveling or living in two places because you can take lots of books for less weight than a single paper-back.