Sunday, 5 February 2012

A change of pace

I'm currently on a two month contract with the University working in the Molecular Ecology & Evolution Group. I have to admit that I am quite enjoying myself, but there has been quite a large change of pace from working at home.  With extra cycling, showering, clothes washing and making food. The evenings have been quite busy getting ready for the next day and the weekends used to work on other contracts for our company.

Like most Universities, Exeter is currently undergoing massive expansion and building works.  But there is one place it seems they are not interested in building on - The 'Nature Reserve' is a small section of hillside with a 50 to 60 degree slope that you'd have trouble walking up or down.  This areas has kindly been left to wildlife.

Misty is settling in well, although she has a lot of crazy moods and rushes around the house chasing imaginary foes.

Last Friday was my 15th blood donation.


  1. Are you sure Misty's foes are imaginary - perhaps she's ridding the house of evil spirits that you can't see!

  2. 'extra cycling, showering, clothes washing and making food.' I can understand the extra cycling but the mind sort of boggles at the idea that you don't usually was, wear clothes or eat. Only kidding.

    It must be in the name. Misty, the family pooch here, does the same. I hadn't thought of CJ's explanation though.