Monday, 27 February 2012


I love snowdrops, we saw these in some bracken during a walk at the weekend.
Just a short blog this week as I'm bit behind with things. Helen just reminded me that it's a leap year, so I feel quite please that we've got an extra day on Wednesday to catch up. It's also only a week to go until my Birthday, we've got a couple of trip out planned, so I'm hoping to have recovered by then.

I've been to the doctors now, and they've prescribed eight tablets a day for the next ten days, so hopefully the infection will clear up soon and I'll have a bit more energy and no more dizziness..

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  1. I hope you are better soon - it's already gone on too long!

    I'm crazy about Snowdrops and rarely miss a chance to photograph them. There was a wood full of them near the caravan but I don't recall ever seeing them poking through bracken.