Sunday, 19 February 2012

Purrfecting the catnap

It's been another long weekend, trying to mark student assessments and finishing company contracts. We're both been very tired, and I've had some long spells of dizziness over the last couple of days, so I'll be giving up cycling for a few days and trying to rest up.

On Valentine's day we were joined by Mr and Mrs Bear

They were most welcome

Misty has had another long and productive weekend aiming to perfect her catnap

The most noteworthy event of the week has to be the annual arrival of the Frogs at Frog End!


  1. Sorry to hear about the dizzyness. Take care and look after you. Never forget that good folk are scarce.

  2. Hope the dizzyness goes away soon. GB said it all!

  3. The bears look very tasty. Yumm!! Get well soon and take plenty of rest! Wish we could sleep all day like Misty. :D

  4. Mrs Bear looks awfully unconcerned at the dreadful fate that has befallen her partner. :D

  5. Do hope you are feeling better soon. Take care and God bless.

    Misty looks so comfy -- Can't help but wish I could get as relaxed as quickly! :0)